What is the Exploratorium?

The Exploratorium is a Science Museum made up of hundreds of hands-on experiments. It is a fun place for adults and children to discover, create, investigate, and think for themselves.

Can You Really Be Entertained All Day There?


Where Will We Be Eating Dinner?

This is not yet determined, though we are considering The Greens Restaurant.

John and Ava's Big High Five

We are getting married 3/14/12 at 1:59pm in San Fancisco. The ceremony will take place at the Rotunda outside the Exploratorium, with reception at the Exploratorium, followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Schedule of Events

10:00am to 1:30pm: Guests arrive at the Exploratorium at their leisure, and are free to explore as they choose

1:45pm: Guests and wedding party gather at entrance, receive ponchos

1:55pm: Guests go outside to the Rotunda and begin forming an aisle

1:57pm to 1:59pm: Ceremony

2:00pm: Guests return to Exploratorium to resume play

5:00pm: Guests leave Exploratorium for dinner

5:15pm: Dinner, Speech, Dessert