Gandhi was found underweight and terrified on the side of the road in Eugene. Being a small dog, he was in high demand at the shelter. Luckily we were first in line. He was shaking, but warmed up to us in about 30 minutes. We adopted him on the spot.

His first night at our house was marked with a lot of shaking, his tail tucked so far between his legs that we doubted its existance. Over the course of a few days, weeks, and months, we saw him sleep comfortably in our presence, wag his tail for the first time, and even prance playfully at us.

After much training and having undergone a major transformation, Gandhi is now a high-energy, demanding, and extremely affectionate dog. He will only show his true personality with those he trusts deeply. He fears most men when he first meets them, and his greatest love is cheese.

Gandhi has been known to poop on high-up plants, sometimes doing handstands in order to elevate his bum to such a level as to make this feat possible.


Jabba was rescued by a Santa Cruz shelter from a high-kill shelter in LA on the day he was scheduled to be euthanized. Upon walking into said Santa Cruz shelter, Ava was greeted by three dogs who wanted to be petted. After a minute or so, two of those dogs lost interest. The third has not, to this day, lost interest in being petted.

Though an easy-going dog in general, Jabba was anxious at first in his new home. He threw up in John's armpit on his first night and took a trip to the emergency vet. He was overweight and had very painful dental problems. After having six teeth removed and losing a few pounds, he became the ridiculous lump of skin and tongue he is today.

Jabba is easily excitable, especially by new people, but prefers to sleep most of the day. He is terrified of water in any form, and loves food, things that smell like food, and things that are definitely not food but he is going to eat them anyway just in case.

Jabba's weakest moment is perhaps when John lifted him into the air by a stale piece of pizza.

Ava and John's Sweet Misters

Ava and John adopted their first dog, Gandhi, on January 28, 2009. They adopted their second dog, Jabba, on September 2 of the same year.

Favorite Family Activities

The family enjoys walks together, especially those particularly lengthy strolls down West Cliff Drive. They also enjoy snuggling together on the couch and bouncing about the livingroom in an amusing manner, while shouting the age-old question, "Who's a puppy!?"

Where They Are Today

John (26), Ava (25), Jabba (10), and Gandhi (8) live happily in a cozy apartment near the beach in Santa Cruz. And by cozy I mean there are almost as many square feet as there are people living inside it. When the dogs are not at Bed & Biscuits, or pooped out from being at Bed & Biscuits, they can be found getting into all sorts of trouble.

Mischief Managed

The dogs take it upon themselves to protect their humble abode by any means necessary. Should an intruder (passerby) have the unendurable chutzpah to jingle his or her keys too loudly (in an audibly perceptable manner), these crusaders of honor and homeland security will prance to the rescue (run around and bark obnoxiously)!

They also take it upon themselves to clearly communicate their needs. This can take the form of licking John's arm raw, or staring Ava down until she screams, "What???" In some cases of extreme, immediate need, it is even necessary to step on computer keyboards and delete whole emails.